Apollo’s Muse

The moon in the age of photography
The Met Museum, MetSpeaks
September 18, 2019, 6:30pm
Scott Altman, former NASA astronaut
Jennifer Heldmann, Planetary Scientist NASA
Aleksandra Mir, artist
Mia Fineman, Curator, Department of Photograps, The Met

What is the most sort of convincingly, accurate or plausible sci-fi you have come across?


The Scream

In relation to the example given in class called “Primal”, which invites you to share your deepest feelings by screaming in front of your computer or your mobile device‚Äôs camera. It reminded me of an experiment I contributed to last semester. As for a short sci-fi film (rights to filmmaker Emilia Tapprest) which invited me to step onto a stage in the middle of Brooklyn with one single task, to do anything I felt like at the moment. I asked her if it was ok if I would “scream”, as living in New York it becomes almost impossible to “scream” out loud without people noticing you, or even the opportunity to completely let go.

As it turned out, it took me 3 takes on camera to be able to actually “scream” unforced. With result an emotional feeling of both relief, ever as joy, but mostly it gave me the personal satisfaction for the first time in months to be able to “let go”.

However surprisingly, as this moment was captured on film, and shown in front of an outside audience, the transfer of my form of “primal” behaviour became “interactive” in a way that several people from the audience got a feeling of relief as well, a physical sensation translated in actual “goose bumps”. Not to confuse with the notion of melancholia, but it differed in ways I am still trying to comprehend.